Track Claw C
Track Claw C

Assembly instruction

Our so called Track Claws get put on the grouser shoe and are fixed with screws.

Assembly step by step in detail:

  1. Clean the grouser shoe
  2. Loose the screws pull the Claws apart. Be sure that the fitting surfaces are clean.
  3. Hook the CLAWS onto the grouser shoe.
  4. Push both parts together until the hooks on both ends cover the whole distance.
  5. Fix the screws with 140 Newtonmeter.
  6. Retorque the srews after 5 working hours, then check it every day.
  7. The minimum amount of CLAWS for your machine depends on the weight of the machine. Per 2 ton operational weight should be calculated 1 CLAW so it would be for a 20 ton exacavator 10 pieces per side (20 pieces all together).
  8. The CLAWS increase the traction between surface and machine. But the decline and incline limits set by the machine manufacturer must not be exceeded.