Why „Track Claws“?

All advantages at a glance

The aim was to increase the ground grip of crawler tracks on steep areas and bad ground conditions as ice, snow, mud or soft and wet forest grounds.

After years of research and test runs in the field, we are able to offer products which match those needs and now being able to to work safely under any conditions and terrain.

Our patented Track Claws got developed in practice by experienced machine operators.

Adavantages of our system

Excavator with fixed Track Claws


Universal applicability

For machines from 5 to 90 tons operational weight


Increased grip

On snow, ice, mud, soft forest ground or on steep terrain and bad ground conditions in general


Conservation of the track pad

No cutting, welding or drilling needed


Quick assembly and disassembly


Completely made of Hardox® wear steel

Highest Capacity, minimal wear and tear


No downtime

Work while others stay still


Best safety

For you, your employees and machines